Stranded Octopus Comes Back To Thank Man Who Rescued It

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A few years ago I saw a video where a a young female leopard killed a mama baboon, only to then discover the newborn that had been clinging to the baboons fur. The leopard could have easily eaten the newborn as an appetizer, but she didn’t. It’s as if she recognized that this was a new life, a baby, and she started caring for it as her own. She scooped it up into her mouth, brought it to a safer branch, and watched over it to make sure the hyenas didn’t get to the newborn. Nature seems to recognize when things aren’t the norm. That leopard knew that baby wasn’t an adult who could defend itself, and this octopus? Well, this octopus seemed to recognize that it owed it’s life to the man who rescued it. Take a look!

This octopus could have swam off after being rescued. Would have been right and well to swim away to safety, but instead it spent some time thanking the man who saved it. Nature seems to know. I don’t know how, or how to explain it, but would I even want to? They mystery of it all is part of the beauty, and I’m so glad this man captured that beauty on video for the rest of us to see.

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