This Relaxed Baby Having Her Hair Washed For The First Time Is The Most Precious Video I’ve Ever Seen

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Having my hair washed is my favorite part of going to the salon. The way the warm water feels, and fingers massaging my scalp, it’s ecstasy. But as much as I love it, I’ve never zoned out as much as this adorable newborn. While the nurse is washing this baby’s hair for the first time, she closes her eyes and seems to relax completely, zoning out the world around her. With lips softly moving, and sweet little smiles, this kiddo gets into hair washing more than I’ve ever seen anyone get into it. As the nurse talks to her softly through the entire process, this kiddo just lays back and enjoys the pampering. Take a look!

Most of the time you can’t really associate newborns with a love of baths, but I’m guessing this one is going to be pretty easy when it comes to bath time. Or, at very least, when it comes to having her hair washed. She is too precious!

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