Starbucks Releases New Chocolate Cream Cold Brew and I’m On My Way

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For those of you who like chocolate raise your hands, because Starbucks is unleashing what might be the most chocolatey drink on the menu.

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Introducing the latest caffeinated drink to hit Starbucks’ menus, the new Chocolate Cream Cold Brew!

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And if you haven’t noticed from the name, this new drink is served with chocolate for those who always prefer to order chocolate versus vanilla at every ice cream shop.

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Made with chocolate cream cold foam and sweetened with vanilla syrup, this cold brew is strong but sweet!

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Not only has Starbucks released a completely new cold brew with a sweet twist, but their new fancy dessert is also one to try.

The new Frosted Coconut Bar which features coconut, oatmeal, white chocolate chips, lime flavored frosting, white icing, and coconut shavings, this sweet treat pairs nicely with the new cold brew!

Courtesy of @starbucks

Hallelujah for a new drink plus a fancy new dessert!

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Releasing nationwide today, you can now order a venti Chocolate Cream Cold Brew with a Frosted Coconut Bar as your side!

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