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Sam’s Club Just Dropped The Price Of Their Hot Dog Combo and It’s Even Cheaper Than Costco

There’s a price war going on, and it’s not on gas.

The price of a Hot Dog Combo just dropped from $1.50 at Sam’s Club to $1.38, and we are totally here for it.

Sam’s Club

A Hot Dog Combo at Costco will still cost you $1.50 — which is a hell-of-a deal — but Sam’s just stepped it up!

Frankly, it can’t be beat. New lower price. Same great hot dog & drink combo.

Sam’s Club

This couldn’t come at a better time! Inflation heading into the holidays is out of control, but Sam’s Club is finding a way to give a bit of financial reprieve to shoppers.

Sam’s Club

The members’ dollar [is] going further at Sam’s Club, too, with racks of lamb and lobster tails priced more than 40% lower than last year.

Doug McMillon, Walmart CEO

Now, the retail price of hot dogs has risen, but Sam’s Club offers the amazing hot dog combo deal at a discount to entice shoppers into the store.

I must say, it works!! I could go for a hot dog with kraut after a wintery weather shopping excursion!

Incidentally, the retail giant does the same thing with their rotisserie chicken.

The price of chicken has SKYROCKETED, but Sam’s keeps their grab-and-go rotisserie chickens under $5 to bring in those customers.