You Can Plant Red Banana Trees That Taste Just Like Raspberries

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Did you know that bananas come in blue and red colors?!

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Yep – they are no longer just our favorite yellow fruit.

Just like the Blue Java Bananas that taste like dessert, specifically vanilla ice cream, red bananas are also very sweet similar to their blue cousins.

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When you come to terms that red bananas do exist, they’re reportedly creamy, sweet, and taste like raspberries!

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Originated from Southeast Asia, red bananas are normally smaller in size compared to the yellow bananas you might find at the grocery store.

And just like with any banana, you can slice, dice, throw in a blender, toss in a salad or eat these bananas straight from the peel!

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Red bananas even contain more Vitamin C than yellow bananas, so we wouldn’t blame you if chose the fiery red fruit over the tamed yellow banana.

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Taking care of your red bananas require rich soil with plenty of organic matter, partial or full sun and be sure the soil is well drained ahead of time.

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While your seeds begin to grow, keep in mind to water the plant weekly and even more often during the hottest part of the summer; you’ll know when they’re ripe when the red bananas begin to turn into a purplish hue, how cute!

You can currently snag your own pack of red banana seeds on eBay for less than five dollars.

Since this group of bananas are often compared to a raspberry taste, that’s all you need to convince yourself to grow a red banana garden this summer!

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