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This Target Hack Will Make Carrying Your Bulky Items So Much Easier

Have you ever struggled walking out of a store while carrying a large pack of paper towels or a big box stuffed with your new coffee espresso machine?

Courtesy of Target

It’s completely awkward and unmanageable, been there and done that!

Plus who wants to walk the cart all the way to the car and back again to the store for only a few items that were just bought? The answer is nobody.

So if you’re like me who’s walked out of stores using your knee every so often to steady large items that were just purchased, you’ll be happy to know that at least Target has a hack for carrying bulky items.

If you’ve ever noticed the long white strips decorated with the Target logo that are hanging beside each self-checkout machine, these long strips actually serve a purpose.

Courtesy of @andrearizatips

What are actually long pieces of sticky strips, these convenient strips are there to use as large handles for oversized items like a diaper box or a new kitchen mixer, who knew!

Courtesy of @andrearizatips

Simply place each end of the sticky strip on either side of your large box and wallah, you now have a handle to grip for an easier walk out of the store while carrying your bulky items!

Courtesy of @andrearizatips

Whoever came up with creative invention needs a raise.

Courtesy of @andrearizatips