Dunkaroos Yogurt Is Here Complete With A Birthday Cake Flavor So Every Day Feels Like A Party

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Dunkaroos reprised their 90s snack in 2020 and since it is a new year, the brand is coming out with a bang and introducing a completely new line of snacks.

Courtesy of Yoplait

While completely new to shelves, you’ll find that Dunkaroo’s new product is very similar to the original snack to keep the 90s vibe alive.


Introducing Dunkaroos new line of Yogurt that was oh so quietly stocked on Yoplait’s website!


This new dunking snack is also partnered with Go-Gurt, introducing 3 new sweet flavors.


Starting with Cotton Candy, then Vanilla Birthday Cake, and finishing it with a sweet Strawberry flavor, Dunkaroos Yogurt will be hard to pass up in the new year even with those healthy New Years resolutions.

Courtesy of Yoplait

Each flavor pack comes with 4 trays that comes with a handful of vanilla cookies and a dunking tray of low fat vanilla yogurt.

Courtesy of Yoplait

You can find the new line of Yogurt by Dunkaroos on Yoplait’s website!

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