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An ‘Enchanted’ Sequel Is In Production And Will Be Released Straight To Disney+

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A 14 year old movie created by Disney and a highly requested film is finally getting a sequel.

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Going straight to Disney+ at last, the ‘Enchanted’ sequel now dubbed ‘Disenchanted’ is finally in production with an expected release date sometime next year in 2022.

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Fans can count on almost the entire original cast to return including Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, and James Marsden.

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Not to mention, it has also been reported that there will be new songs introduced within the second movie as well!

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Since we last saw our Disney princess and handsome working man, Giselle decides to remain in the real world, leaving her animated home after she falls in love and marries Robert.

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If the second film is even just half as good as the first movie, all signs point to this sequel being very successful.

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We wonder if Giselle has become accustomed yet to the real world with real world problem after leaving her fairy tale home.

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