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FaceTime Bug Lets Callers Listen Through Unanswered Phones

If you have an iPhone or an iPad with FaceTime, then somebody could be listening or even seeing into your private life.

It’s actually so bad that Apple is telling everyone to disable their Facetime until they come out with a fix for it.

Basically, the bug works when you dial someone then swipe up and insert their number with the “add person” screen before anyone answers.

Your phone thinks it’s in a group FaceTime call and they can hear you even though you never picked up the call.

If that wasn’t bad enough, if the person doesn’t accept the call when you call, it actually starts the video as well. So now not only are people hearing you, but they’re seeing you, too.


Apple is supposedly “aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week.” 

Here’s How You Disable FaceTime

On your device navigate to Settings and switch FaceTime off. On your computer, open the FaceTime app and click “Turn Off FaceTime.”

This is pretty serious. You should absolutely disable FaceTime right now. And keep it that way until they come up with the fix for this.

Hopefully this won’t be around too long, because FaceTime has become something that we use in our lives. Every single day.