French’s Is Releasing a Creamy Dill Pickle Mustard Spread That Is Perfect for Sandwiches

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There’s nothing better than the perfect mix of fixings on a burger fresh off the grill, which is why French’s, has just combined two favorite things we love to put on most between two halves of a bun.

For those of you who have a routine of sandwiching pickle slices and mustard on your sandwiches, hot dogs or burgers, French’s new condiment now combines both tangy flavors into one bottle.

What’s dubbed the new Creamy Dill Pickle Mustard Spread, the green bottle packs a dill pickle flavor mixed into a zesty mustard sauce for the ultimate condiment to spread generously on your burger patty.

And thanks to the new condiment, you also won’t have to pull as many bottles from the fridge at home to fix up your burger or sandwich on-the-go.

Now while the new condiment sounds absolutely mouth-watering, and by the way, you’re currently drooling, French’s has yet to release any other details surrounding what we assume, will be a new household staple.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

And even though we don’t have a release date yet for the new spread, we can count on the condiment to be stocked next to the ketchup and mustard at all major markets soon, according to @markie_devo!

So here’s hoping the new bottle is at least available in stores before next grilling season.

Courtesy of Hannaford Supermarket

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