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Frosted Lemon Cheerios Are Here to Brighten Your Morning Bowl of Cereal

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If you’ve always been the one to top you’re cereal with pieces of fruit such as a banana or strawberries, Cheerios is now challenging what you throw on top of your next bowl of cereal.

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What’s dubbed their Lemon Frosted Cheerios, their next box of cereal has been inspired by sunny days and summer mornings.

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And rather than Honey Nut, the popular cereal brand is focusing more on the sweeter side of a lemon without the sour pucker.

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Featuring hints of lemon for breakfast, this cereal flavor might just remind you of a pitcher of homemade lemonade or a refreshing glass of lemon water with every spoonful.

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And while you might be drooling now, General Mills has not yet released this cereal flavor on grocery store shelves.

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However, the Frosted Lemon Cheerios will be released nationwide soon, and just in time for the spring season according to General Mills!

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So when April’s showers bring May’s flowers, just look for the bright yellow box on the shelf!

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And remember when life gives you lemons, pour yourself a bowl filled with lemon-flavored Cheerios.

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