Fruit Loops Ice Pops Are Here And They Taste Exactly Like The Cereal

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As a kid, did you guys enjoy a bowl of Fruit Loops every morning before school? I’m more of a toast person rather than a cereal enthusiast, but that’s just me!

However if I did choose the classic cereal and milk route, my go to breakfast cereal was Honey Nut Cheerios.

If your favorite breakfast cereal was indeed Fruit Loops, the popular cereal is switching gears and instead, focusing on dessert rather than breakfast.

Introducing Fruit Loops ice pops! The widely known breakfast cereal is keeping their bright colors and fruity taste and turning their recipe into a frozen sweet treat.

The ice pops come in four different colors including red, orange, green, and purple. I call dibs on the red!


Fruit Loops ice pops have been spotted at the Dollar Tree with 8 pops in each box, which means it’ll only cost a dollar to reminisce on your favorite childhood cereal.


Truth be told, I’ve never actually tried a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal, however their ice pops look tempting to try! Better late than never am I right?

I’m thinking once I taste the red flavor, I’ll be eating the ice pops way more than the actual cereal!


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