Instead of Paying, This Gas Station Asked People to Dance for Gas and It Is Pure Gold

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Considering the recent soaring prices in gas, this small town gas station has decided to allow drivers to pump their gas without breaking the bank!

Thanks to the small town gas station in Morehead, Kentucky, the owners of the business have deiced to give their truckers, four wheel drives, and convertibles a break from emptying their wallet. 

Dubbed the Brooklyn Belle Market, this gas station is asking for dances rather than money at the pump! 

That’s right, cash is not accepted here at this small business and neither are your credit cards, your best dance moves and most importantly having fun is what will get your tank filled!

Courtesy of @brooklynbelle9335

So if you happen to pull up to this gas station and see a sign that says “Dance for Gas”, show them your best moves instead of swiping that credit card. 

Courtesy of @brooklynbelle9335

Raise the volume and put on your favorite song because who wouldn’t want free gas for a dance move or two!

Courtesy of @brooklynbelle9335

While some drivers were shy to put on show, others jumped out of their cars and swiveled their hips they best they could to fill up their tanks!

Courtesy of @brooklynbelle9335

The viral video which currently has nearly half a million of likes, the business published a part two on their TikTok showing other drivers dance instead of pulling out an Andrew Jackson or two.

Courtesy of @brooklynbelle9335

Now lets just hope this gas station inspires others to do the same instead opening up our wallets.

Courtesy of @brooklynbelle9335

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