You Can Get A Giant Dinosaur For Your Hamster To Play In

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Do you have a hamster? Or maybe you’ve been wanting one? Well, I am just going to say it – you NEED this Giant Dinosaur Activity For them. It’s perfect!


This Giant Dinosaur Activity Center is the perfect place for your hamster to run, play and eat!

It is also great for your mice, rats, gerbils, etc.


Provide your small pet with a fun place to explore with this Tiny Tales XL Dinosaur with Activity Center. This activity center includes a variety of places to hang out, climb, explore, play and rest. Only at PetSmart.

Harry Goldman

This Dinosaur Activity Center is about 3 feet tall and features:

  • Heads up Lookout for hanging out
  • Super Spiral Staircase for big-time climbing and exploring
  • Dino-Mite Hideouts for nesting and rest
  • Wheel of Roar-Some for exercise and play
  • Radical Ramp for prehistoric play time

According to reviews, this may not be the best place to keep your furry little friend permanently but can be a fun place for them to play.


I am just wondering how hard this thing is to clean? But overall, it is super cute looking!

You can find this Dinosaur Activity Center for small pets at PetSmart for $99.99.


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  1. No. Please do not put a hamster, or any small animal in this cage, or any of the Tiny Tales cages for that matter. These cages are horrifically small and do not provide the room or depth needed for a hamster to thrive. Hamsters are foraging animals and will travel many miles a night in search of food, and they create deep, complex burrows. Neither of these things are possible for a hamster to do in this cage. This cage can’t even fit a proper sized wheel for most hamster species. A 40 gallon breeder tank or a bin cage is a much more suitable enclosure. Unfortunately most pet stores won’t tell you that.

    Do your research before getting a pet. Hamsters are not good pets for children once you realize how complex their care can be. They are not toys or decorations. They are animals that have specific needs.

  2. I think the comments have said how evil this cage is! Yes it looks cool FOR A TOY!!! ANIMALS ARE NOT TOYS! You go on to say a rat can go in it , they are bigger than the other species you claim it’s good for! If anyone wants this cage and think this cool looking death trap ( and yes there have been deaths.) then look up Munchees place of YouTube or Victoria Rachel! They do reviews on this hideous excuse for a “cage” !

  3. These cages are SO unsuitable for hamsters. They are far too small, don’t have enough space for the deep bedding for burrowing that they need and not to mention you cannot clean it thoroughly. Not being able to clean inside the tubes will cause an ammonia build up and therefore make any hamster suffer with illness. Please DO NOT buy, this article is so misinformed. It may seem cute but I promise your hamster will suffer inside.

  4. I dont care what anyone thinks about this looking *fun* but this is northing short of a hamster torture device. The livable area isn’t big enough to meet the national hamster Council minimum guidelines, it’s not deep enough to add enough butrowing material that hamsters love, there isn’t space to add an appropriate sized wheel (28 or 33cm) to keep the hamster healthy. The legs and neck are steep, hamsters may be able to climb, but they are clumsy and need hammocks and the likes so they dont hurt themselves. In one of these they could cause themselves serious injury or even death from a fall in this. And thats not to mention cleaning it. Its so small that it would need regularly due to the smell, it would be a night mare to clean – remember how annoying it is to clean all them tubes on rotastacks? Yeah. That. And the regular cleaning and removal of scent will just stress the poor hamster out.
    Please don’t recommend these. Hamsters aren’t toys and it’s time people stopped treating them as such!.

  5. This cage is not suitable for hamsters and definitely NOT suitable for mice, rats or gerbils. The ammonia would build up terribly for rats and mice in this style cage.
    Gerbils need a deep burrowing area which can not be provided in this cage, plus the cage is made from plastic – a material gerbils could chew through within 24hours.
    As for hamsters, they need a large amount of floor space and a suitably sized wheel which will not fit in this cage.
    It would be fine as a play area for when they are having free roam time, but please never house a small furry in this cage permanently. It’s just unethical.

  6. As a hamster owner I do NOT recommend this. It’s to small for Teddy bear hamsters! And my smaller baby would chew up the plastic considering hamsters teeth never stop growing. They need a comfortable wooded environment with plenty of space to run and play. This will not provide that for them. Your hamster can very easily get trapped have a get scared enough to have a heart attack. They are very sensitive creatures please keep that in mind.

  7. No, no no. Hamsters can get easily trapped inside, there is not enough floor space for them to tunnel in the body, cleaning is a pain and neck & tail are dangerously small. The spaces are too small for a syrian hamsters climb up. Gerbil can easily chew through the plastic. The wheel is too small for most hamsters. Do not buy this!

    1. As stated above this is not a suitable permanent habitat….however, I have a large Syrian Hamster who has a custom made three story mansion…not kidding…a hamster mansion. She loves to explore new places and absolutely loves squeezing into the smallest spaces. I bought this Dino at PetSmart on sale with an extra discount because it was the floor model. I took out the wheel so she wouldn’t try to run in that tiny thing and without it….she LOVES her dinosaur! She only gets about 30 min supervised playtime a day in it. If you love your rodent…don’t use this as the main cage….only as a play pen and only when you can watch and interact!

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