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You Can Get Giant Glowing Inflatable Eyeballs To Put in Your Yard This Halloween

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This is pretty cool…

You can get these Giant Inflatable Glowing Eyeballs for your Halloween display this year, and they are pretty wicked.


They aren’t just a solid glowing color, either. Each one can change between 13 different LED colors — from red, to green, to yellow, to white, and so many more.

You can also choose to have these Eyeballs glow one color, slowly switch between colors, or flash really fast.


Our Huge Halloween Inflatable Green Eyeball LED Light has 21 buttons, 13 colors and 3-speed switching, constant light, gradient, fast flash


You can use the remote control to change between the 13 different colors, and you can adjust the colors without actually getting close to these Glowing Eyeballs.

The remote control can be used anywhere from 16 to 26 feet away, so you can sit on your porch while you change the Eyeball colors for all those Trick-Or-Treaters.


Get this. You can place these Glowing Eyeballs inside the house, outside in the yard — or the best part — even in a swimming pool!

They are totally waterproof and safe in the outdoor elements — so rain and snow are no biggie.


The inflatable Demon’s eyeball decorative lights are made of high-quality PVC material, which is thicker than other glowing balls, durable, non-toxic, tear-resistant and not easy to fade. 


Each Inflatable Eyeball is less than 17 bucks, so you can get a few to pepper your yard with spooky fun.

To get your own Giant Inflatable Eyeballs, simply head on over to the Amazon website.


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