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You Can Get A Giant Inflatable Sleigh To Sled On This Winter So Bring On The Snow

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Funboy is the brand that makes all of those amazing inflatables for your swimming pool! They also make amazing inflatable sleds and I can not wait for the snow to fall now!


This is a giant inflatable that they call the Alpine Winter Snow Sleigh. This is so cool! When I was a kid we only had those hard plastic disks and then the old school wooden sleds.


This has to be way more comfortable than those since you are on a literal cushion of air as you go flying down the snow-covered hills! It can hold 2 riders with a combined weight of 250 pounds.


When I say it’s big, I mean it, the sleigh measures 6 feet long. It also has a handle on each side so that you can hang on, there is also a rope on the front to make it easier to bring back up the hill (I hate that part!).


The bottom of the sleigh is made with rubber and has grooves that will keep your sled straight as you sled downhill. My youngest kids have never been sledding before, and I hope to change that his year.

You can purchase the FUNBOY Alpine Mountain Sleigh on Amazon for only $99!


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