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Giving Up

Last week I did an interview over at Elana Johnson’s blog, and one of her questions was how often have I wanted to give up. I was pretty honest and admitted that there have been more than one or two times along y little writerly journey that I’ve really just wanted to say screw it and give up.

But something stopped me. I love this writing thing, and let’s be real–nothing awesome ever happened to people who just gave up when things got hard.

So, the thing here is this: No one said getting published was going to be easy. In fact, pretty much everyone told me it would be one of the hardest things I ever did. And, when it gets a big difficult, I have to remember that.

And so should you.

Medeia Sharif

Sunday 11th of April 2010

Rick Astley and publishing persistence--this post is wonderful. .-= Medeia Sharif´s last blog ..Books, Playlists, and Elevensies =-.

Chantal Kirkland

Thursday 8th of April 2010

Yeah, sometimes I want to quit and be like: Why do I put myself through this, let's get a manicure and go home! But then my awesome writerly-friends like @jmartinlibrary and @jamieharrington and @rclementmoore (and Ms. Candy Havens, too, but I seem to have misplaced her twitter name) pick me up and make me feel like I just might be worthy again. Thank bob for friends. .-= Chantal Kirkland´s last blog ..Red Love and Some =-.

Linda Dershem

Wednesday 7th of April 2010

I feel like I just got Rick Rolled. LOL!

Seriously, I totally relate to this post. It's why I treasure all of my writing buddies to help keep me motivated and visa versa. :D

Tawna Fenske

Wednesday 7th of April 2010

Pardon me for a moment while I think dreamy thoughts about Rick Astley...

When I blogged several weeks ago about my exceedingly long and bumpy path to publication, I thought people would find it depressing and discouraging. As it turned out, it's one of the most popular blog posts I've written. I think people like hearing that "real" side of the biz. The fact that it DOES suck lots of times and that it DOESN'T come easy for plenty of us, but that we still stick it out for one reason or another.

Love the blog! Tawna .-= Tawna Fenske´s last blog ..Note to self: write better notes to self =-.


Wednesday 7th of April 2010

This post makes me every happy. You know why. ; )

That is all.


Wednesday 7th of April 2010

@Rebecca, I so knew it would :)