10 Reasons to Keep Playing World of Warcraft

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World Of Warcraft DVDWell, you asked for it, so here it is–Ten reasons I need to keep playing WoW.

10. It’s something to do in my free time.

Sometimes you just want something mindless and fun to do, warcraft is exactly that. There isn’t a whole lot of thinking behind mindless daily quests and raids you’ve done before–so it’s nice to have a qay for the brain to totally veg out that isn’t television.

9. It isn’t Televison!

Yes! Hello! I hardly watch any television at all. I watch a couple of shows with my husband, but mostly I play video games or write in my free time. Before WoW I watched a lot more TV.

8. You meet people from all around the globe.

Okay, so you don’t ever actually meet them, but you do hang out with them and talk to them, and get to listen to their awesome accents. I love this part, because you learn really cool things, like that pop tarts cost 8 bucks a box in Austrailia.

7. I don’t go Stay At Home Mom Stir Crazy.

Oh this is a good one. I know so many SAHM’s that talk about how little contact with the outside world they have, and if you are playing WoW, it totally eliminates that.

6. What better place to brush up on my teen dialogue?

I am writing a young adult novel, and guess what–I’m 30. That means I don’t exactly know how the kiddies talk these days. But, if I just watch them in trade chat, then I get a feel for the things they say on a daily basis. For instance did you know that a Randy is a Random person. Who knew?

5. Minipets!

I bloody love minipets! I think they are one of the coolest in game things ever!

4. I have made friends from all walks of life…

Seriously, from the budding scientist to the old dude that just sits around all day playing WoW and getting high–I’ve met them all, and it’s neat. In real life you meet people that are a lot like you because, let’s face it… we stick to our kind, but in the game you never know who you will meet, and that makes things way more fun!

3. It gives me something that is my own.

When I first started playing WoW, my husband played with me and that was really nice because I got to spend all this time with him, but then he stopped playing, and I realized that I could have alone time right in my very own house. That’s nice when you’re at home with each other every day all day.

2. Mini goals are smackin’ fun to accomplish.

Seriously, it’s really fun to get a super cool rare recipe or beat a big raid boss with a team. I love that. There’s really nothing like it.

1. I like it.

I’ve never been the kind of person to not do the things I like, and I like playing World of Warcraft, that’s a good enough reason all on its pwn.
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  1. Oh my, that’s a long list you have there. You must love this game after how much you said about it! Way to go!
    Just came here from SITS to spread some cheers!

    Happy Wednesday!

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