Editing is Delicious…

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I LOVE editing, I mean seriously. Writing the story is one thing, but shaping it into something fabulous and wonderful makes me so happy.

Sketch is fun to edit, but it’s difficult as well. I didn’t feel like my family of villains was bad enough… so now I need some super swankalicious high powered gadgets to make the cooler. At first I was at a total loss, but I have piles of nerdy video game friends and we didn’t have to think for long.

Now there’s a memory gun. Which is good… I needed the memory gun. That’s way more convincing than a blow to the head for getting rid of someone’s memories, right? Oh, and there’s a power maximizer as well. My character has to come into her own with her powers pretty quick, so a little sci-fi magic makes that flow a little better.

I love this book. Have I said that yet today? 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jennie Faber

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