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Why Aren’t These Kids In School?

cornerbakeryI’m at the Corner Bakery in Highland Village. I spend a lot of time here because they have free internet and yummy lemonade. When my daughter is in preschool, I come up here and play Farmville write. But something really disturbs me about this place…

There are kids here of all ages at all times munching on baked goodies and hanging out with their yummy mummies. Why the hell are they not at school? Do these children not need to learn? Are they somehow exempt from the state policy that mandates kids to attend school on a regular basis? I don’t understand.

This Corner Bakery actually perplexes me for several reasons. Another is the tennis group. They come in here and talk about their matches like they’re seriously into the sport, yet none of them have a hair out of place. In fact, they all have matching pink Nike outfits. I think they all order the same thing, too–and I’m curious to know if they’re actually real people, or if they are in fact Stepford Robot wives. They leave their table in a giant mess though, and the CB workers always make fun of them behind their back… so that’s totally worth watching.

The other group here is the over-dressed business meeting dudes. These guys are so full of win, I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m not sure where one gets a pin striped suit that fancy, but when they spill orange juice or pumpkin spiced latte down the front of it, it’s always good for a laugh.

Izzy Dell

Friday 18th of September 2009

Homeschoooling. Some of them are pretty liberal about doing whatever once the work of the day is done. My parents were both teachers (certified, public) so they felt it was tacky to run about town outside of school hours, say 8am-2pm.


Thursday 17th of September 2009

Homeschool is the short answer. My kids (homeschooled) are out and about during "school" hours as well. .-= LaShawn´s last blog ..Books… =-.


Thursday 17th of September 2009

Um... home schooled?