I Love My Writer’s Workshop Group

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dfwwwsitelogoA month or so ago, a friend of mine suggested that I join the DFW Writer’s Workshop. I was a little apprehensive at first, because it meant I would be reading my stuff OUT LOUD in front of REAL LIFE people. But, I figured what the heck–I could at least go one night and see how it was.

I fell instantly in love. Real writers there every Wednesday night talking about the thing we love to do. People that have published books, people that write for newspapers or fancy blogs. Like I said–real writers. This was a group I had to be a part of .

So I joined up right then and there and I’ve been attending ever since. It’s fabulous.

There’s very little prep work. You just bring in 10-12 pages of whatever you happen to be working on that week, read it to a small group, and then listen to their feedback. There are all sorts of rules in place that make the group run all smooth like and you’re out of there in time to get hang at the IHOP and talk with the rest of the group about writerly things for an hour or so.

The other cool thing is that they have a conference! I know, right? I am way excited about that, and I think I will learn a tonna stuff! I’m hoping that every writer I know comes to the conference and all you guys can sleep at my house haha!

And so…. come to the conference!! Or Join the Group–That’s even better!

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