Are You Interesting Enough to Blog?

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So, I’m doing this thing where I blog every day in January, and there’s definitely been a challenge or two coming up with interesting blog fodder. (Aside: I love the word fodder and plan to use it in a sentence at least three times today.)

Since I’ve been having difficulty with topics, it has me questioning if I’m interesting enough to blog. A friend of mine, Elana Johnson did a post recently talking about how blogs were kinda narcissistic, and I think that’s so true.

Here I sit and talk about what I had for lunch, my writing process, things that I love or hate, and even my adorable kid…

So, how do I make that intriguing enough for you guys* to want to read? Well, I am not sure that I do. I have kind of stopped talking a lot about the writing process because well, I decided it needed to be my own. So now, it’s just me talking about me– a stay at home mom sitting in a coffee shop wanting to be a published author so bad it almost physically hurts.

I was reading on Kiersten’s blog earlier today about how her blog has changed as she gets an actual audience, well… I am not sure I have to worry about all that yet, but it has really changed–because I’ve changed. I used to just sort of blog about anything, but as I start seeing my blog end up in actual google searches that’s changed a little bit. You have to be careful what you say… but not so careful that you lose your audience. Can we say frustrating? Oh, yes we can.

And I have to make all that interesting? If I’m a real writer, I bet I can do it…


*that said ya’ll at first, but I didn’t want to throw off the non-Texans out there.

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  1. I definitely think our blogs morph as we do. When I first started blogging, it was a far cry from what I do now. And writing for the QT blog is completely different than writing for my own blog.

    I think it’s just important to remember that just because it’s your blog, doesn’t mean it’s all about you.

    🙂 Elana
    .-= Elana Johnson´s last blog ..Holy Blazes… =-.

  2. Oh, ugh. I am starting to be more and more careful about what I put on my blog. Which, for me, means…no negative reviews. I don’t usually give negative reviews of books, but I’m thinking of taking down the few I’ve done…

  3. I’m new to blogging but it and twitter are becoming a bit of an addiction for me, I love reading random things about other people and learning interesting tid-bits about the writing and publishing world. Let the journey begin…and I’m sure I’ll be boring people along the way. Great blog…thanks for sharing!

  4. I don’t really think I’m interesting. I’m not an aspiring writer (thank goodness, because I am terrible!) either. I just like to blog, most of the time. Over the three years I’ve been doing it I have gone through phases where I felt I should be really intentional about what I post and how often and so on, but those are usually short-lived. No one has to read my blog, and since I don’t know the majority of people who read it, I don’t think I’d be offended if they stopped reading it. 🙂

  5. I love blogs. It gives me a chance to get a glimpse into what’s going on in someone elses world. Sure they’re narcissistic but I’m okay with that. I’m totally in touch with my inner narcissist. 🙂
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..It’s a Conspiracy!! =-.

  6. Hey Jamie!

    (i’m susiebj on twitter)
    I know exactly how you feel but honestly you can’t worry about it. Are blogs narcissitic? yea. So is twitter. And honestly, most live one-on-one conversations are too. Just be yourself. People will either listen or not.
    .-= Susan James´s last blog ..Gambling for Books =-.

    1. @Susan James, Ha! That’s so true… Twitter is beyond narcissistic! But OMG I love it.

      I wonder if that means I should look into that…. hmmm 🙂

    1. @Diane, see, I think we THINK we’re not that interesting… but maybe we actually ARE 🙂