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My Partner in Crime

beckyI’m not talking about my husband. He’s awesome, and without him I’d never have the opportunities to spend the majority of my free time writing books–but that’s a different blog post for a different time. I’m talking about my writing/critique partner Rebecca.

The other day I was sitting in the living room mentioning something about her to my husband, and I called her “my good friend, Becky.”

My husband stopped me and said, “Wait, you mean your blog friend that you’ve never actually met in real life?”

That’s exactly who I meant.

He then went on to say he thought it was neat how I could have a friend like that who I’d never seen in person. But, I do. She knows more about my writing journey than anyone. She has been through every full request, partial request, and rejection. She’s the person I IM when I feel like throwing in the towel, she’s the first person I text when I get a new story idea. It’s crazy, because that’s a lot of trust to put in a complete stranger, yet I totally trust her.

Her book is great. I am jealous of her ability to tell a story that makes me jump out of my chair and yell at the page. Her characters pop off the page, and her love interest… dude… I want to make out with the love interest in the story. He’s. just. that. hot.

Anyway, I wanted to devote this blog entry to my crit partner!  She’s TOTALLY the bomb. 🙂


Tuesday 11th of August 2009

I've never even met some of my best friends. The internet is good for some things! :-D -AMY .-= AMY´s last blog ..Catching Fire trailer =-.

Sara Tribble

Tuesday 11th of August 2009

Becky is amazing all around. I know I trust her opinion and thoughts, plus she's there to cheer me on when I need it. Her work is awesome, but her personality is EVEN better--as we both know!

I agree I would soo make out with her characters! haha! .-= Sara Tribble´s last blog ..INTERVIEW MONDAY--Col Bury! =-.

Jaime | Fast Times

Monday 10th of August 2009

Recently my cousin put me down for blogging and going to meet some of the blog friends I've made in NYC this weekend. I didn't know how to respond at the time, but all I can think about now is how excited I am because I have these incredible friends, and I might not have met them in real life, but they are still my friends. .-= Jaime | Fast Times´s last blog ..Julie & Julia - Movie Review =-.


Monday 10th of August 2009

Well I have to say she is pretty awesome. Thanks for writing such a nice post about her :-)


Monday 10th of August 2009

OMG Jamie, I can't believe you devoted a post to silly ol' me! THANK YOU SO MUCH. And I have to say that I feel the exact same way about you. I value your opinions because your always honest but also because your writing kicks ass so I know you know what you're talking about.

It's such an incredible thing to feel as if you really know someone yet never have met them! I totally refer to you as my friend when I talk about you to my sister or friends and they say the same thing about you being someone I've never met. But we're surely going to meet since we'll be sharing a tour bus on our book tour. ; )

You made my day with this. Believe me when I hit the rough patches I'll read this before I IM you! YOU ROCK!!!