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There Is Going To Be A ‘Golden Girls’ Marathon This Weekend And I Can’t Wait!

I’m really not a football fan and I have never watched a Super Bowl in my life. But, I will watch the ‘Golden Girls’ and there just happens to be a marathon happening this Sunday!

If you’re like me and really don’t care about football or the Super Bowl, well there is a solution. Just switch your television over to the Hallmark Channel for a ‘Golden Girls Marathon!

I have to admit that I will probably watch part of the ‘Puppy Bowl’ because dogs are my favorite. However, I think I’ll spend the rest of my day chillin’ with my ‘Golden Girls’.

Laughter is such a crucial part of life for me. I need distraction with comedy right now and those ladies are the best!

Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia never disappoint. You can watch the ‘Golden Girls’ marathon this Sunday, February 7th, 2021 starting at 5 PM central time on the Hallmark Channel.

If you don’t have cable, you can stream the Hallmark Channel on Philo and other streaming services.

Don’t forget to have cheesecake on hand for this marathon event because cheesecake is a must-have while watching ‘Golden Girls’! Make it a great day with the ‘Golden Girls’ and cheesecake!

Here is a preview of the Hallmark Channel marathon that you can watch right now.