This Grinch Christmas Cocktail Will Make Even The Grinchiest Grinch Smile

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We are almost there! Just a few short weeks — mere days — until Christmas day is upon us, and it’s time to CELEBRATE!!


One of my favorite adult cocktails to celebrate with during the holiday season is the Grinch Christmas Cocktail. It’s green and red, and even the grinchiest Grinch will LOVE it!!

There isn’t just ONE way to make this beverage. There are about 50-11 different ways to create this drink, but my FAVORITE includes pineapple juice and several different alcohols.

The BEST Grinch Christmas Cocktail

1 Shot Malibu Rum
1 Shot Midori
1 Shot Vodka
2 Ounces Pineapple Juice
Red or Green Sanding Sugar For Rim Of Glass
Candy Cane For Garnish


Wet and dip the rim of a glass in the sugar — ANY glass will do, but make it a pretty one!

Put the first four ingredients in a shaker with some ice, and get to shaking. Don’t forget to cover that shaker, so you don’t throw drink everywhere.

Strain the drink into your sugar-lined glass.


Drop in a candy cane for garnish.

If you want to get REALLY wild and crazy, you can add a maraschino cherry to the glass, just for fun.


Like I said, there are about 403 different ways to make this drink. You can play with it until you get just the perfect blend of ingredients that make YOU smile.

You can also use different kinds of juices. Orange juice, lime juice, cranberry juice, and even guava juice are fantastic. But, of course, I like the pineapple juice the BEST!!


You can even use Kool-Aid, and make a Grinch Punch, that is great for get togethers — masked, of course.

Courtesy of Simplistically Living

If you want to try ANOTHER fun Christmas Cocktail, you have to check out this Santa Clausmopolitan. It is soooooo good!


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