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Here’s The First Look At George Clooney’s New Netflix Movie,’The Midnight Sky’

It has been awhile since I have seen one of those movies that grips my attention, and won’t let go until the credits roll at the end.

I LOVE movies like that, don’t you?

Although there have been some pretty good new movies released since this whole pandemic thing started, it has felt like AGES since we have had a real blockbuster that makes me WANT to go to a movie theater.

Well, my friend, the wait is over!!

There is a new post-apocalyptic movie (My favorite kind!!) that has just been released, directed by and starring George Clooney, that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, and I couldn’t be more happy!!

The Midnight Sky is a film about a scientist who is living by himself in the Arctic, amid a mystyerious worldwide catastrophe (like a pandemic, maybe?), which has made the earth uninhabitable.

This scientist begins a solo quest through the Arctic circle, to try and race to contact a fleet of astronauts who have been on a deep space exploration mission, and are on course to return to earth in the very near future.

See, the astronauts aren’t aware that anything has happened on earth, as their contact with Mission Control was severed three weeks before — when all the mess on earth started.

Things go even more sideways when a little girl shows up in the Arctic circle. The scientist has no idea where she came from, who she is, or what has happened to her.

You might be wondering, “How is that even possible?”

Well, this girl can’t talk, and she has obviously been through a lot — I mean, the whole world is gone.

Now, the scientist, who is desperately sick, himself, must try to take care of this little girl, all why continuing the mission to notify the astronauts before it is too late.

When I say you will be on the edge of your seat, I’m not even joking!

The film was released to a small selection of theaters on December 11th, but it will be available to stream on Netflix on December 23rd.

See the trailer for The Midnight Sky below, and then catch it on Netflix on December 23rd.