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You Can Now Have A Llama In Your Wedding Ceremony And I Want To Get Remarried Right Now

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This is absolutely amazing!

You plan your wedding to the last detail. The colors, the venue, the flowers, the dress, the cake — and the llama?

Seriously, can I get married again just so I can have a llama attend the ceremony?

Llama bridesmaids, anyone?

Apparently, you can rent a llama, and have it be in your wedding ceremony, and now it’s all I want to do!

I mean, whoever thought of this llama idea was an absolute genius.

It is just the thing we never knew we needed, but here it is!

In Arcade, NY, there is a little place called Llama Adventures, and they actually rent llamas for your events — including weddings!

Add some style to your wedding ceremony or wedding photos by including llamas.

Llama Adventures

They don’t JUST rent llamas for weddings. You can get them for your Christmas pictures, school events, business promotions, parties, etc.

But, come on!! You can have a llama in your wedding, and I’m dying right now!

This isn’t just like the guy who crashed his sister’s wedding with a llama. It’s something you actually intentionally plan, and who wouldn’t love it?!?

If you want to rent a llama for your own special ceremony, it couldn’t be any easier.

Just head on over to the Llama Adventures website, and get all the info you need. You can book your llama adventure right online.

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