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You Can Get Gucci Slippers That Are Made From Hair And Honestly, They Look Like Chewbacca

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I don’t get it…


I guess I’m just lost on fashion completely… like I’m still wearing the same sort of things that I wore as a teenager.

Some of the things that are out there are just way too weird for me, like these Gucci slippers.


I assumed Gucci stuff would always look fancy and super expensive, I had no idea that they sold things that look like you just stuck your foot in a Yorkie dog…


I’m not kidding, these are “luxury” shoes and they are indeed from Gucci, they’re called the Princetown slippers.

They originally debuted back in 2015 and for some reason, someone thought they deserved another go, but why?


Do people really buy this sort of thing?

I mean, I can understand getting them to wear as part of a Halloween costume, but these cost BIG bucks.


They’re hair slippers, yes HAIR… eww!

The inside is long goat hair, and the outside is covered with faux hair and a leather sole and it says they are durable slippers that can be worn inside as well as outside.


They say if they get wet, just use a dry soft cloth and dry them immediately

What do you even wear these with other than a Chewbacca or Bigfoot costume?


These Gucci Hair Slippers are made in Italy and will run you $995… no joke!


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