10 Things We Were Taught In Kindergarten That Are Still Important Today

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Kindergarten was a fun time, man! Playing, napping, running, making friends, glue, glitter, and very little responsibility. Not only was it a magical and enchanting year of school, but it prepared us for the real world like no other grade could, and with the most basic things you wouldn’t really think about.

In an ode to kindergarteners everywhere, I give you 10 Things We Were Taught In Kindergarten That Are Still Important Today

10 Things We Were Taught In Kindergarten That Are Still Important Today

1. Take daily naps or rest times. This helps reset your whole system. Quiet time is wonderful for the mind and soul. Many places of business are making rooms dedicated to relaxing, with coloring books for adults, zen gardens, reading nooks, and soothing music. Also, The National Sleep Foundation suggests that 20-30 minute nap might help with alertness, mood, and productivity. Take that nap!

2. You have to share. You run into this everyday! You may have to share an office space with a coworker, a computer with your family, or you may have to share the last cookie with your kid … unless you hide in the bathroom and eat it all yourself. Sharing opportunities come up all the time in the real world, and we are prepared for them because of our kindergarten teachers.

3. Don’t eat glue. Unfortunately it’s true. We have to learn to eat things like broccoli and salmon, even though glue may be WAY more fun! Damn that healthy food!

4. Recess is an important brain break. This is much like nap time. Just getting up and walking around can help clear a foggy brain. Take a few minutes to get your mind completely off the task you are struggling with. You just may make that breakthrough you’ve been grappling with.

5. There are times you have to be quiet and listen. Unfortunately, adulting is full of times when we have to just shut our mouths and listen. Maybe it’s a meeting, maybe it’s our boss talking to us, or maybe it’s our significant other trying to relay something important. Learning the art of shutting our mouths and simply listening may save you time and again.

6. Respect your elders. It’s true, they hold a wealth of knowledge. If you show respect, and listen, you might actually learn something … like how to be polite.

7. Tests are a part of life. You have to think quickly, and maneuver through them. This is pretty self-explanatory. We are tested in a myriad of ways everyday. We need to learn to think quick on our feet to pass or surpass these times of being tested.

8. Girls nights are imperative. In kindergarten, it’s all about the slumber party or the weekend sleepover. The bonding of friends starts at a young age, and we learn to lean on our friends for a lot of things. We also learn to be there for them when they need a shoulder.

9. Be grateful for what you have. In kindergarten, it may be a crayon or a juice box. Later in life, it may be a house, car, or meal. Learning to always be grateful will make you a happier person in this world of excess and want.

10. As much as you like to think so, you aren’t always right. Boy, is this one hard to choke down and learn. It is better to learn it early, though. It will make your adult life a lot less disappointing.

Bonus – When in doubt, what would Dr Seuss say? Most people would agree that the man was a genius. Whether he’s teaching us to try our Green Eggs and Ham, telling us how to get to where we are going, or encouraging us to succeed (98 and 3/4% guaranteed), the man knew his stuff. If you ask yourself “What did that Dr Seuss book we read in kindergarten say?” You can’t go wrong. (seriously, check out Sneetches and tell me I’m wrong)

There are many more things we learned during our time in kindergarten (clean up your messes, don’t pick your nose, etc), but these are some great points to remember on a daily basis. Thank you, kindergarten teachers, for giving us such a strong foundation for life. We owe you a hug and standing ovation.

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