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People Believe Brian Laundrie Is Hiding In A Bunker Under His Parents House. Here’s Why.

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You need to SIT DOWN for this one…

Okay, I am not one to jump on the conspiracy theory train very often but I don’t know what to believe with this…

There is a viral video going around on TikTok right now that is of Brian Laundrie’s parents in their backyard.

The video is drone footage (which is illegal to film of someone’s property by the way) that someone took while flying a drone over their house.


In the video, you see Brian’s mother hovering over one of their garden beds. One that is just dirt and no plants. His dad is just standing there watching her.

This is where things get interesting… as you watch the video, Brian’s mom seems to lean down and you see what appears to be a hand stick up out of the side of the garden bed. She seems to grab something and then hand something.


That is when Brian’s dad notices the drone and tells his mom and then she looks up to the camera.

They both then walk away all suspicious like.


But WTF?! Let’s get back to that hand…

So, people are slowing down the video and pointing out, it clearly looks like a hand that reaches up through a small hole on the side of the garden bed. Like what?!

I mean, if it were her just pulling up a plant, where’s the plant? And that “hand” is there when she pulls her hand away.

I know it’s blurry, but I circled frame by frame of where his mom pulls her hand away and something appears in that spot.

Now, some people have debunked this saying that in Florida it is impossible to have an unground bunker due to the area being surrounded by water. Basically, if they dug, they’d hit water.

Others say that while it is rare in Florida, it is not impossible and some even claim that they have homes in FL that do have these underground bunkers.

In fact, there are even contractors that are saying that having a bunker is plausible.

“The possibility of having a bunker there, his parents having a bunker, is absolutely 100% plausible,” said Gary Lynch, who runs a contracting company.


So, what is happening here? Has Brian been hiding in some bunker in his parents backyard the entire time? And if so, how has the police not noticed?

And if that is not a hand in the video, what is it? Because something clearly moves when his mom pulls her hand away.

Moab PD

If Brian is in that underground bunker, it would explain why NOBODY has seen Brian leave his parents house since Gabby was reported missing.

It’d also explain how Brian has survived for so long. I mean, at this point it’s been a month so how is he surviving with only the land and little to no food or water and just a backpack? It seems suspicious to me.

People have reported this to the FBI so I guess we will see if anything comes of it.

This is just insane. You can watch the video for yourself below. I also have the slowed down version below too.


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Slowed down video:


Zoomed in and slowed down. 😊 There is definitely someone there. You cannot change my mind. #brianlaundrie #brianlaundrieupdate #foryoupage #dirtylaundrie

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