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This Home Alone Face Mask Perfectly Celebrates The Holidays This Year

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Christmas is right around the corner, and that should be bringing us nothing but pure joy, right? Well, with how this year is going, I’m not really sure how the holidays are going to look.

I, for one, have zero plans of staying away from family or staying home instead of Christmas shopping. So that can only mean that it’s time to find a super festive face mask.

Oh yes, Macaulay Culkin took to Twitter sporting his childhood screaming face from Home Alone and we LOVE it. If there were a mask to wear over the holidays, this is the one!


In fact, this mask is so popular that it seems that everyone is trying to recreate it! This one above was found on Amazon, but seems to be consistently goin out of stock.


But then we move on to Etsy, and they are EVERYWHERE. This specific one is from CassysTopShop and is only $5! Talk about worth it!


So if you have any plans of getting out on the town this season and want to have a little festive fun, I would highly suggest getting your hands on one of these Home Alone masks. I know it would make my day to pass someone wearing one of these!


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