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Home Depot Is Selling A Wisteria Tree That Has Clusters of Lilac-Purple Blooms

If you like flowers, trees and the color purple, this is for you!!

Home Depot Is Selling Wisteria Tree That Has Clusters of Lilac-Purple Blooms and it is the plant you need to add to your yard!

On my nightly walk the other day I came across this GORGEOUS tree that looked like I was in a fairytale.

I just knew I had to find out what it was and I did.

It is called the Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine Plant.

It has these thick wrap around vines that grow and when the tree hits the top, clusters of Lilac-Purple Blooms drop down like a waterfall of flowers.

Add drama to your trellis, fence or gazebo with this 9.25-inch potted Vigoro Amethyst Falls wisteria vine plant. Eye-catching blue-purple flowers bloom in the spring and summer to give your landscape a romantic flair, while the climbing growth habit and imposing size make it perfect for archways and vertical gardens.

Aside from being gorgeous to look at, they also smell amazing and they attract bees and butterflies which we need to help save!!

This hardy perennial favors full sun for unhampered growth. Enjoy the sweet fragrance of this Vigoro Amethyst Falls wisteria vine plant and the sight of butterflies, bees and pollinators that are drawn to the scent.

You can grab an Amethyst Falls wisteria vine plant from Home Depot for $43.98 and have it shipped right to your house!

I am ordering one STAT because I just need it!!

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