Turns Out We Spent Over 39 BILLION Dollars Drunk Shopping Last Year

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Ahh, drunk shopping. Look, we’ve all be there, after a few glasses of wine, and a scroll through our Facebook wall, the ad for the perfect bra or mascara pops up, and ten minutes later we are entering in our paypal deets a few days later a package arrives and we are like, “Yaay drunk me! You bought me such a cool present.”

drunk shopping

But, it turns out, according to this study from finder that we actually spent almost 40 billion dollars drunk shopping online last year.

Finder’s study conducted in January 2017 revealed the average American spent $206 per year on items while under the influence. That figure jumped to $447.57 per person in the 2018 findings, almost 120% (117.27%) more. By 2019, the average had jumped another 64.44% to $736, according to our latest survey data.


You guys. That’s a lot of mascara.

But just what are they spending their money on?

You think it would be all booze and broads, right?

Heck no, our debauchery is all about FASHION, baby! Which I must admit makes me a little happy to know that we are at least being SENSIBLE when we make these purchases.

We spend most of our drunken shopping money on fashion.

I think my favorite thing on this list is “a pet” does that mean they bought a pet while drunk or that they bought things FOR their pet while they were drunk shopping. I mean, the findings are a little unclear.

drunk shopping

Now, just WHO is spending the most money drunk shopping? Turns out that we get to blame the millennials. Again.

Millennials Spent The Most Drunk Shopping.

Honestly, this makes sense. Not because I think millennials are drunk or anything, but because they grew up with online shopping and are just the most comfortable with it. (Us Xennials still head out to Target once in a while.)

drunk shopping

Either way, maybe we should all put away our wallets the next time we break out the wine.

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