How to File for Unemployment Due To The Pandemic

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There’s no sugar coating around the fact that the current pandemic has made life a bit more difficult as of right now. Due to the very contagious spread of the virus, it has caused a worldwide quarantine.

States are in lockdowns, universities and schools are shutting down for the remainder of the semester and small businesses and companies have temporarily closed.

And it’s no doubt that many of us are worried about our finances due to the closure of numerous businesses, causing many people out of work.

However, individuals who are currently not working due to the Coronavirus, could be eligible to file for unemployment.

For Pennsylvania residents, you can visit the Office of Unemployment Compensation. Under the tab COVID-19, it will direct you to where and how you can file for unemployment including eligibility, a link to apply and a number of things you will need readily available to submit information.

New Jersey and Delaware residents also have a similar process and will visit their Division of Unemployment Insurance.

Every state is different regarding how to file for unemployment, so make sure to double check on how your state allows you to be eligible for unemployment during this time.

You can do this simply by Googling “(Your State) Unemployment Application”.

Keep in mind that states are currently experiencing higher than usual claims and that may delay your processing time.

Also, as a reminder, if you are able to apply for unemployment online, do it to avoid being close to people in an office.

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