Cotton Candy Soda Exists So You Can Pretend You’re At A Carnival From Home

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Being a Michigan girl (Flint- yea that Flint) Faygo is something I grew up with! Faygo is made in Detroit, Michigan!

We had these places in Michigan when I was a kid that we called Pop Shops! Dang, I miss that!


Faygo has over 50 flavors of pop (Yes, I am going to call it pop). My favorite flavors of Faygo growing up were Root Beer and Creme Soda!

Man, that takes me back to summertime with my cousins at my grandmas swimming pool! Red Pop was another favorite!

My favorite way to drink Faygo is from an old fashioned ice-cold glass bottle! This Root Beer is the best this way!


Well, Faygo has a Cotton Candy flavored drink! Seriously, Cotton Candy! And I really want to try it out! I mean, BLUE is a great flavor!

How did I just now find out about this? Someone has been holding out on me! I’m looking at you Michigan family and friends!


We mainly do Water, Tea, and Coffee at our home. But sometimes you just need that fizz with a ton of flavor!

You can actually order this online! So even though we are staying home, we can get the flavors of the circus, carnival, and sporting events shipped right to our door!

Ohhhh and guess what else I found? You can even get a Faygo Cotton Candy scented candle! What??? -Clicks ADD TO CART-


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