I Have So Many Questions About Kim Kardashian’s Dress

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Look, it’s no secret that Kim Kardashian’s body is bangin’ but last night she wore this insane dress and I have so very many questions about it.


So many. I honestly don’t understand what is happening here with Kim Kardashian’s dress at this point.

Let’s start with how this dress was made.

How does one even begin to sew these pieces together so that they form into a dress. Is this actually just all one piece of material wrapped around her?


Are her boobs holding up that dress, or is her dress holding up her boobs? Is there tape somewhere?

Does this dress hurt to wear? It seems like it would be so confining, yet not confining in any way at all.

In fact, I am starting to wonder if the entire dress isn’t just tape on the inside.


Kim Kardashian’s Dress Is Stunning

And if so, does that make it like a one time use dress?


You know what, forget about that dress. WHO IS THE HOTTIE WITH HER? Holy moly. How does Kim Kardashian get to be married to Kanye West and still walk around town with all this arm candy?

Silver Fox alert.


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The dress is actually a vintage Thierry Mugler piece. Others have worn it before, but nobody has rocked it quite like Kiki.


Is anyone else getting a Leelo from Fifth Element Vibe?

kim kardashian dress

Well, that just makes me want to watch the Diva scene all over again.

So. Good.

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  1. She looked stunning and absolutely gorgeous in that dress. Especially after 3 kids. Kim works hard for that body. Why not show it off? People on here talking about her kids will be embarrassed. The kids whose parents are killers, rapists, and asshole will be embarrassed. Kim’s rich, loved, and well taken cared of will give zero ducks about a dress.

  2. Just porno that she’s getting away with. I feel sorry for her kids. This is something to be proud of? Pretty said when you have to do something like this for money. Why don’t they give her a pole to dance. Or a lap dance. Really turned off to her pimp mother.

  3. Makes me wonder what she’s trying to accomplish by having the goods hang out everywhere and what kind of example she’s willing to set for her kid. It looks like a hammock holding two water balloons

  4. Honestly, her tits don’t look good in that dress!! It is a real accomplishment that they didn’t fly out but, they look awful in that dress, flat boobies…

  5. anyone got a spare jacket- you dont have to strip it off the get attention, be a classy lady for a change.

  6. Really you think she looks good in the dress ?
    Hmm ok but do we have to see her tits again you call her a style icon! She is naked all the damn time! If you would’ve said Beyoncé Rihanna or JLo maybe but not Not Naked Kim nope not ever

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