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You Play This Video Game With Your Hoo-ha

Ladies listen up, because we are about to dominate every guy we know at this new video game you play with your lady bits.

Pun intended.

The Perifit is either a really weird contraption, or a genius device depending on how you look at it.

I know. It’s a slightly sensitive subject, but there are millions of women out there who suffer from some sort of pelvic floor issue — whether it’s incontinence, prolapse, or some other issue.

We have heard a billion times, “Just do kegel exercises.” But, how many of us actually do them — or do them properly? I know I probably don’t.

The Perifit actually makes doing the exercises a game. It ensures we are doing them correctly through sensors on the control device. You know, the device you put into your va-jay-jay.

All you have to do is insert the exerciser — or controller, and turn on the telephone app. You play the games using your pelvic floor muscles. You’ll be tightening them up before you know it!

You can even track your progress from day to day to see your improvement! I know this is the ONLY way I exercise ANYTHING. It has to be fun, and I have to see quick progress!

Tightening up these muscles has an added — wink, wink — bonus. Working these muscles doesn’t just help with bladder problems. It helps with — eh hem — other things you might want to use these muscles for.

You can get the Perifit at their website, and get to working those muscles the fun way!

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