Is Hellmann’s Mayo Being Discontinued In The U.S.?

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Nobody likes to hear nears that their beloved products are being discontinued but this one certainly threw a wrench into just about everyone’s day…


Earlier today, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise posted on Facebook saying:

It’s hard to say goodbye to delicious Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 🥪🥗 But, due to high inflationary import costs, we will regretfully be discontinuing Hellmann’s until further notice. A big thanks to our loyal fans for all the mayo love over the years 💙

Um, what? This is crazy!

As you can imagine, people went crazy and the post has since been shared over 36,000 times…


Hellmann’s is an iconic American mayo that stands for quality and creaminess that was first made in New York by Richard Hellman in 1905.


So, how can it just be gone?

And one burning question is on everyone’s mind – is it being discontinued in the US?

Is Hellmann’s Mayo being discontinued in the United States?

According to reports, Hellmann’s Mayo is currently being discontinued in South Africa and is not currently being discontinued in the US.

However, with the high cost of egg prices, who knows what will happen in the near future.

Why wouldn’t Hellmann’s just say that in their announcement? I have no idea.

But for now, looks like Hellmann’s isn’t going anywhere in the US but I guess only time will tell.

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