You Can Get Pre-Made Buddy The Elf Sugar Cookies To Spread Some Christmas Cheer

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Full disclosure: I love Elf so much, sometimes in JULY I turn down the air conditioner, dress in an ugly Christmas sweater, make a batch of cookies, and watch the movie.

When I saw that Pillsbury had adready come out with these Elf Shape Pre-Cut Cookies, I did a little Christmas happy dance and sang a little Christmas carol loud enough for all the hear.

I made about 150 batches of these ELF cookies last year, and was so ready for them again this year! They are my favorite.

According to this Instagram post, the Elf cookies have already been spotted at Walmart, but I’m sure they are headed through the valley of the swirly twirly gumdrops and to a store near you soon.

Here’s a little tip from Grandma for you. If you want to make them a little early, store them tight in a resealable container with a slice of bread or marshmallow on top of the cookies. This will help keep them fresh and yummy.

I can’t guarantee how long they will last like this, but I guarantee you won’t need to find out. They will all be gobbled up in no time!

Remember, there’s room for everyone on the nice list, and making these cookies for all your friends is a GREAT way to get there!

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