It’s Eleven O’Clock and I haven’t done anything yet…

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Well, here it is, eleven o’clock and I was supposed to spend the morning making my book better, well, guess what… I am still just checking my emails, playing in the twitter, and reading blogs… sigh… I wish I had more drive, but I guess that all goes back to that focus thing I blogged about earlier this week.

It isn’t that I don’t want to write… I totally WANT to, I just also really want to check my email, talk to my tweeps (Wow, that word is dorktastic when it isn’t being used IN twitter, huh?), and clear out my google reader! These things can’t get backed up, ya know!

I hope that I am not teaching my kid procrastination… I don’t think it is a very positive personality trait, is procrastination something you learn or is it something that is taught? Hmmm, maybe I will do some research on that, like tomorrow or something 😛

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  1. I totally understand! I was the same way trying to revise/edits my own kinks with the WIP and finally just yesterday I did it! It’s all done now and I feel soo good about what I fixed.

    I think it is learned and taught myself! Although I wish it’d be easier to snap out of! Don’t worry you’ll get to it when the time is right! Like tomorrow! =D
    .-= Sara Tribble´s last blog ..SUPER SORRY!!! =-.