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lol this is one of those “I never post in my blog” posts. hahah I would love to say I have been super busy, but that isn’t the case… instead… I am obsessed with Big Brother, and I am spending all my time watching the live feeds haha! Why am I so obsessed with this show each week? I am such a dork….

Today Hal and I went to the aquarium with friends. I have been doing a super bang up job of doing the playgroups. We have been going to parks, playgrounds, and all sorts of good stuff! Yaay

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  1. I see you are holding up your end of our deal, huh?!

    So far, I’ve been off the base every week, exploring & finding new stuff. I should blog about that more…

    And… yes, you are obsessed with BB, but you are also running a store, ya dork!!! You have been busy!