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Gotta pour one out for the homey…

Holy CRAP! Can you even believe Steve Irwin is dead? You know… the Crocodile Hunter? Crikey and all that jazz… It kinda breaks my heart, ya know… I mean he was such a big part of our crazy generation… I remember I was working at K-Mart (yes I worked at K-Mart, but that is another blog entry for another day…) and I would ALWAYS watch the Crocodile Hunter when I got home from school and was getting ready to go work at the Big Red K! I remember thinking “that guy is friggin crazy! He is gonna get himself killed doing that crap!” and, whadaya know… he did… and he has TWO kids… I gotta tell ya… one of my very biggest fears is doing that to my kid. I mean, I grew up with such rock star awesome parents, and I want Hal to have that same opportunity… but then again… I am not swimming around with alligators and kissing snakes… so at least I have that on my side? Right? So, let’s all take a minute… and just remember the legend that IS the Crocodile Hunter… poor guy…


Tuesday 5th of September 2006

I'm still a little in shock. Really. My kids loved that guy... and even if he was totally out there, he loved his family.

(btw, that exact same fear - not being here for my kids - is the reason I gave up being a cop!)