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Have you seen the new Stampin Up! Catalog?

Holy crap I am in trouble… the new Stampin Up! catalog came out, and let me just say that there were only like ten pages in there that didn’t have stuff on them that I HAD to have! DAMMIT! I love stamps… I have loads of stamps I have NEVER used, but I still love them… they are so pretty! And, I love when I have the perfect stamp…Oh, and I have to get that white pen… I just have to! It is! I am such a dork… who gets this excited about stamps? But they even had CHICKEN stamps! That is something I have to have… and they have silly new puns, and great hearts, and great circles, and great jumbo wheels… and…… take a deeeeeep breath… okay better….

I love scrapbook supplies!


Sunday 2nd of July 2006

um, hello? I am someone who gets as excited about stamps as you! I've been pouring over my copy eversince we walked in the door tonight. Think J will be upset if I bring it to bed with me? ;)


Sunday 2nd of July 2006

You're really going to have to share that chicken story sometime...


Sunday 2nd of July 2006

We are BOTH in big trouble!!!! Love the puns... love the chickens... love the circles... love the new wheels... oi vey!

(and btw, the white pen is already on it's way!)