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You Can Get A Jason Inspired Gnome Just In Time For Halloween

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I LOVE Halloween! So much, that I have started finding costumes, decorations, and making plans! (No, it’s never too early!)

This item I am about to show you HAS to be the newest Halloween trend…because I say so. It’s too adorably cute NOT to have one.


You can get a Jason inspired gnome to put in your yard!!! Um, what?! Yes please! Some people already finds gnomes creepy as it is, so this will give them a whole new thing to fear!


How could you not want one of these?! These come white and you can paint them any color you want, or add red blood splatters, for obvious reasons. They stand at 8″ tall, making them perfect to hide in plain sight.


I think I’m going to get one and just put it in my yard without saying anything to my husband…I’m sure that’ll go over well!


If you want to get one of these adorably creepy Jason Gnomes, head over to TactiPrints on Etsy! They are selling for $15!


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  1. I’m going to put one in my office workstation in hopes to send the subtle message that today is not the day to bother me.