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Carpet Decorating Tips

Flooring is generally a focal point for most interior design; this is especially true when selecting a new carpet for your home. Before deciding on a carpet, it’s best to not make hasty decisions and put a little thought into making the right choice. Follow these simple steps to choose the best carpet for your home:

  • Light colors give rooms a larger appearance, where dark colors help make a room feel cozier. Consider this when deciding on the right colored carpet for your room.
  • Colors also typically take their cue from nature. Colors like red, yellow, blue and green all help produce a warming effect that reflects the colors commonly seen outdoors.
  • Never choose a carpet that matches upholstery and drapery fabric exactly, this softens the look of your room.
  • Always consider the amount of traffic your specific room gets.  This is a big factor which will help you choose a carpet that can withstand heavy foot traffic and last for years to come. The amount of traffic can also help you decide on whether or not a lighter color or darker color is better for your specific needs.
  • If you or your family suffers from allergies or asthma, consider looking for Green Label-certified carpets, as they don’t contain VOCs and are typically hypoallergenic.

When you finally decide on the best carpet choice for your home, it’s also important you select the best carpet provider! Consider visiting your local Flooring America and speaking with a flooring professional to ensure you’ve made the best choice!

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