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8 Reasons I Am Totally Watching The CW’s Reign

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It’s no secret that I love a good teen show. Okay, admittedly they usually they need some vampires to totally pull me in. BUT, I also secretly love a good period drama. I watched The Tudors like a bazillion times, and not just for the hotness. (Okay, partly for the hotness.)

So, when I heard The CW was coming out with a new period drama of their own, REIGN, I had to know more! I watched the pilot and after the first five minutes of amazingness, I am hooked.

Why? You ask– well, here are the eight reasons you should watch Reign:


Hearts and Minds

 The hotties. Of course all the guys on this show are super hot and total eye candy.


The evil mother. She’s more than that though, she’s got reasons for doing what she’s doing, and that’s what makes a great villain.


The parties! What kingdom would be complete without amazing parties and fantastic dresses? Why can’t we have parties like this now? I think the last party I went to was at a skating rink.


The hair! Okay seriously, even if this show totally sucked, I would still watch it for the hair! It’s AMAZING, and I’m already practicing my braids.


The clothes. Dude, the REASON we watch shows set in this era is for the intricate details on the amazing outfits, and REIGN totally does not disappoint us! The clothes are fantastic!


The headbands. Okay, I know I already mentioned the hair, but the headbands deserve their own mention. These girls are bringing headbands back, and in a way cooler way than Gossip Girl did.


The love triangle! Oh man, episode 1, and we’ve already been introduced to the triangle that will have viewers torn!

Snakes in the GardenThe King! I can’t help it… what can I say? I am a sucker for the crown.