Medieval Times is Jousting For The Cure!

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Breast Cancer research is very near and dear to my heart. My G-Ma (that’s what we called her, because she considered herself way too cool to be a plain ‘ol Grandma, and she was right) was a breast cancer survivor and and one of my favorite people in the whole planet. So, when I found out Medieval Times was donating a portion of their ticket sales to the Susan G. Komen foundation, I knew I had to let you guys know!

If you want to purchase tickets, click here. AND while supplies last, you can get pink crowns and Joust for the Cure shirts. (You KNOW they had me at pink crown!)

And remember, Medieval Times is NOT just for boys! My daughter had her last birthday party there!

And she was even crowned QUEEN of the whole thing! She said it was her favorite birthday party ever in the history of birthday parties.


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