Jessica Biel Believes Her Husband, Justin Timberlake “Deserves to Live in Peace” Amid Britney Spears’ Memoir

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Britney Spears’ long awaited memoir, The Woman in Me has officially gone on sale to read and her story, has already become a best seller and an editor’s pick.

Although while many are interested to read Britney’s story from her point of view, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake aren’t too happy with some of the details in her book.

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According to a source who told Us Weekly, Justin was unaware that his name would be mentioned so frequently in her book, rather he thought Britney would write in a more generalized tone about their relationship.

Justin says according to the same source who told Us Weekly that “…he’s disappointed she went this route decades after they split up.”

Putting aside his feelings, Justin also says that he regrets hurting Britney, reports Us Weekly according to a second source.

“Justin regrets that he hurt Britney. He was young. He thinks Britney has every right to tell her story and hopes they can move on now,” according to a second source who told Us Weekly.

Source who told Us Weekly

The same source had also mentioned to Us Weekly that Justin has also thought of reaching out to Britney, “to see if she’d like to talk things out. He wants to ask if there’s anything he can do.”

Although will all of this being said, Justin says that he doesn’t plan on avoiding the public eye either.

“Justin isn’t going to lie low or avoid doing press because of Britney’s claims. He wants to get past the drama and focus on his work and his family. He has a lot to look forward to,” according to one of the sources over at Us Weekly.

Source who told Us Weekly
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And when it comes to how his wife feels about Britney’s book, Jessica Biel explains that she “feels bad for Britney,” according to one source who told Us Weekly.

A separate insider explained also to Us Weekly that it’s hard for Jessica “…to watch Justin be trolled on social media and targeted by Britney fans. She thinks Justin’s learned from his mistakes and deserves to live in peace.”

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