JoJo Siwa Has Officially Entered Her Bad Girl Era

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JoJo Siwa has changed quite a bit since her days of giant hair bows…

Queue JoJo Siwa’s bad girl era…

I’ve caught a few episodes of ‘Dance Moms’ in the past, so I’m familiar with some of her past looks… always cute and wholesome I would say.

Image credit: jojo.dance.moms.siwa

I also saw when she ditched the bows and started trying to figure out who she was, as most of us do as we mature, it’s called growing up.

Well, she just attended the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards and let’s just say, it wasn’t quite what I expected to see.

Image credit: gabbyadoresjojosiwa

I didn’t even recognize her honestly, she was sporting an all-black mesh bodysuit and a faux hawk hairdo.

The part that caught me off guard was that she looked like she joined a KISS cover band.

Image credit: kissbandmusic

The black face paint totally looked KISS-inspired to me. People are making fun of her, but all I can say is she looks confident and I’m pretty sure she is unbothered by it.

Image credit: pophive

Is it a look I would choose? No, but who am I to talk, I’m an old-school punk rock girl who always stood out long before Hot Topic made it trendy.

Image credit: gabbyadoresjojosiwa

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