I Just Watched The New Selena Series and I Feel Bad She Was Robbed Of Her Entire Childhood

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I just finished watching the new Selena series on Netflix and honestly, I had a hard time finishing it.


Now, let me tell you, I love Selena. I grew up listening to her albums (even though I had no idea what they meant in Spanish) and I loved the movie starring Jennifer Lopez.


But I really hated this series.

It’s not that the acting was bad or that the story was bad in any way, it was particularly because of her dad.


I truly felt he was/is a selfish as*hole and completely robbed Selena of her childhood.

In the movie her father Abraham is depicted as a tough, protective dad that wants his family to succeed and will stop at nothing to make that happen (including not allowing Selena to be with Chris Perez, another member of the band).


In the series, he is far more of a selfish person that seems like he is only out to ensure his daughter’s fame, success and money. He is greedy and controlling.

Throughout the series you see and feel the unhappiness Selena has and how often her childhood is ripped away from her.


At one point the series explains that Selena even drops out of high school so she can tour.

Now, I get it, hard work can mean success but the amount of work and no play that Selena and even her siblings are put through, it quite excessive. To the point that you can just feel their pain from the unhappiness.


Sure, the series may not be entirely accurate but Suzette Quintanilla, who is Selena’s real-life sister is one of the executive producers and is helping with the storyline to try to keep it as accurate as possible.


I don’t want to spoil too much for you if you haven’t seen it yet but just know, it’s tough to watch.

As a parent myself, I could never imagine putting my child through all of that and even as they become of age, trying to control every aspect of their life. Especially to the point where they are too scared to tell me about things that make them happy in fear my response.


I truly feel bad Selena was controlled for the majority of her short life. She was a beautiful, smart and talented person and deserved so much more.

You can watch Selena: The Series on Netflix now. They have only released the first 9 episodes of the series so far.

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  1. I thought with biopics you find someone who almost looks identical to the actual person?

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